Special Forum for Dokdo Island and East Sea Issues

Dear KAUPA members and/or Experts on Dokdo Island and East Sea Issues,

I trust that you are doing well.

Republic of Korea (ROK) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) would like to invite Dokdo island and East Sea experts to form a network and to uplift the understanding of Dokdo Island and East Sea issues through working with Korean-American University Professors Association (KAUPA) and/or respectful experts as attached and follows:

Invitation Target: Up to 5 KAUPA members and up to 5 non-Korean heritage scholars who have expertise in International Law (Maritime or Ocean Law), History, International Politics and Geography. Preference will be given to experts (and/or university faculty) who have keen interests on Korea, particularly Dokdo Island and East Sea.

Invitation Period: December 7 (Sunday) to December 13 (Saturday), 2014.
If visitor will need more time to draft and/or write a journal paper, MOFA is willing to provide extended stay, say up to one month.

Schedule & Agenda: KAUPA delegates meeting about Dokdo and East Sea issues
Meeting with and presentation for MOFA officers who are working on Dokdo Island and East Sea Issues
Meeting with Korean experts including members of Korean Society of International Law, and presentation for and discussion with them about the Dokdo and East Sea issues in depth (for potential journal papers)
Note: Presenters and discussants of the above three forums will receive $500 and $300 compensation, respectively.

Visit offices who are working on the issues, e.g., Northeast History Foundation etc.
Visit Ulleung-do and Dokdo islands (if feasible)
Invitation Condition: Business class airfare, lodging, most meals and transportation etc. will be provided by MOFA.

If you want to be considered as a member of the above delegates, please e-mail me with outline of your potential journal paper (one page) and profile and/or CV by Friday, November 7, 2014. The selection of final delegates will be announced on 11/14/14. Thank you for your consideration and let's keep in touch.

Best regards,

Kang-Won Wayne Lee
KAUPA President